1980: Started SOLO, a company for the production, scripting and direction of video films.
1980 to the present, over 300 films and audio-visuals including:
The Festivals of India In Japan, USA, Germany
Vistara Architecture of India
Shelter On street children
Sadhana On children in need of special care
UNICEF Leprosy case study
Concern India On helping people help themselves
CRY Child Relief and You
South Asia Design Centre On the crafts-people of the region
The World Population Council On reproductive health
National Centre for Performing Arts On the Centre
Tata Cancer Hospital On cancer treatment
Impact India On the prevention of disability
Silver Lotus awarded by the President of India for the Best Short Film 1980
Award winning documentaries for:
IMPACT - The prevention of disability
CRY - Child Relief and You
All India Artists' Association - Balraj Sahni Award